Success Affirmations that Work

Success affirmations are positive sentences that can be repeated. They are designed to move you towards a success mindset

What Does Success Mean to You?

But what do you mean by success?

Many people equate success with having lots of money and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Others feel that to be famous means they are successful. Still others feel they won't be successful until they have achieved something noteworthy, or helpful for mankind. Or be happy most of the time. You may just want an affirmation to sell you house!

Before we create or choose success affirmations, it's best to be clear on our goals.

Affirmations and visualisation go so well together. In fact visualisation is the key to making affirmations that work. Only by being clear on our goals can we create a clear visualisation. 

Do You Feel Like a Millionaire Now?

It's important that we make our affirmations for success believable. So saying "I have a millions pounds in the bank now" is not likely to work if we don't feel like a millionaire.

But we can say we are making steps towards having a million pounds.So here is a list of affirmations for success for you to choose from. 

6 Success Affirmations that Work

I have concentrated on the success part so you can adjust them to suit your own criteria of success. 

  • Every day in every way I am feeling like a successful person.

  • I am becoming more successful at ( _________*) each day. * fill in according to your own circumstances.

  • Every day in every way I am acting more like a successful person.

  • Every day I feel and display more confidence in myself.

  • Every day I am attracting success to me because I am feeling and acting like a successful person.

  • Successful people are being attracted to me because I am becoming successful myself.

Affirmations for Money

If your idea of success is to become wealthy, then you may be interested in the list of abundance affirmations

Selling that House?

And for those who want an affirmation to sell your house, here's one:

  • I embrace change and am willing to let this house go with joy. I am attracting to me the right buyer who is prepared to pay the price I want. The transaction is completed in a timely manner. All is well in my world.

Success Affirmations for Happiness

And for those who feel they will be successful only if they are happy, here are a few affirmations for you.

  • Every day in every way I am becoming happier.

  • Each day I notice more positive things that make me happy.

  • Each day I am understanding more how to be happy, and acting upon it.

Writing Affirmations

Do you want to have a go at writing your own affirmations to make them more personal? Take a look at this page for some tips on writing affirmations yourself. 


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