List of Affirmations in 12 Categories

I've collated right here, a list of affirmations that you can find on this site. They may help you in your quest of how to be happy. 

1. Affirmations for Happiness

Positive affirmations, by their very nature, contribute to a feeling of happiness and so here, for your delectation, knowledge and application is a long affirmation list. :-) 

Here's some affirmation quotes to start you off

  • I choose to be happy.
  • I'm feeling happier more each day.
  • I love to smile and infect others with happiness. 

2. Self Esteem Affirmations

First we have the self esteem affirmations. These help raise our self esteem, helping us feel more worthy. 
I give you here, a few sample affirmations to whet your appetite.

  • I am accepting myself more each day.
  • Each day I am becoming more self confident.
  • Every day in every way I am loving myself more and more.

3. Love Affirmations

Closely aligned to the self esteem affirmation are the love affirmations. You may be wanting them because you would like to have someone love you, or you just don't feel loveable. These, of course, are inter-linked. It could be that you don't have that special someone right now because deep down you don't feel you deserve them.
To whet your appetite here are a few affirmations statements on love. 

  • Little by little I am becoming more loving towards myself.
  • Each day I am becoming more loving.
  • Every day I am more loved.

4. List of Affirmations for Health

Although good health isn't essential for happiness, it certainly helps, so here are some healing affirmations Want a sample affirmation?

  • Each cell of my body radiates health.
  • I am growing stronger each day.

Oops, that's two healing affirmations! Well, I'm feeling generous. :-) 

5. Abundance Affirmations

What list of affirmations would be complete without the affirmations for wealth? Of course you'll find affirmations for money here, but abundance affirmations are concerned with much more than money. It's the whole abundance of everything mindset that moves us towards happiness. So check out that affirmation list, and in the meantime here is a wealth affirmation or two.

  • I am becoming more wealthy each day.
  • I am wealthy and happy and doing work that I love.

6. Affirmations for Success

Most people want success. Well, who wants to be a failure? But success means different things to different people. Here are some success affirmations for you to choose, and here are some short affirmations to get you going. Click on the link above for a list of affirmations on success.

  • I deserve success.
  • Each day I am becoming more successful.
  • I am always in the right place at the right time.

7. Sleep Affirmations

It's hard to be successful if you're not getting enough sleep. You may want to use a daily affirmation (or rather a nightly one) to help you get that shut-eye your mind and body needs. So click the link for some sleep affirmations. Meanwhile here are a few sleeping statements for you to be going on with.

  • I deserve a good night's sleep.
  • Each day I fall asleep more easily.

8. Affirmations for Weight Loss

For those that feel they'll be happier and healthier if they lost some weight here are some weight loss affirmations. I'll give you here some sample affirmations but click on the link for a whole list of affirmations to help you lose weight.

  • I only eat what my body needs.
  • Whenever I feel hungry I drink a glass of water before eating.
  • I am becoming slimmer each day.

9. Affirmations for Anxiety

Some people have weight issues because they turn to food and drink when they feel anxious. So using these affirmations for anxiety will probably help as well. Here are a few sample powerful affirmations.

  • Today I embrace change.
  • I am supported by the love and abundance of the universe
  • My life is filled with wonderful people who bring me gifts of joy and happiness.
Anxiety in America

10. Spiritual Affirmations

Spiritual Affirmations have the power to reduce anxiety and also to help us get in touch with our higher self. When we are one with the Universe, God, Spirit or whatever is our label of choice, then our life just seems to flow better. I know mine does. Check out these sample affirmations and then click on the links above for the full list of affirmations.

  • I am at one with the Universe.
  • I am always divinely protected
  • I am child of God

11. Daily Positive Affirmations

Do you need a daily boost of positivity? Then these daily affirmations may be just what you need. Here is a daily positive affirmation to set you up for the day today.

  • Today I choose to perceive the universe supporting my life.

And here is anther one.

  • Today I see joy wherever I look.

12. Gratitude Affirmations

The best gratitude affirmation I know is

  • Hear O Universe! I am Grateful!

and this is profound as well if you really think about it. 

  • I am grateful for all my experiences

Grateful for all experiences? Even the 'bad' ones? Well yes, I am because being grateful helps me see the good that can come out of them. Well it's better than depression and self pity isn't it? 

Free Affirmations

Would you like some free affirmation cards? I have two sets for you over at Be Empowered. These printable affirmations are gifts for subscribers. So go sign up and have the blessing of being empowered each week as well as the useful and fun cards. 

Write Your Own Affirmations

If you haven't found the perfect one for your situation on this list of affirmations, then why not have a go at writing affirmations yourself? Pick up tips on the most effective way to create powerful affirmations. You can then make your own affirmation quotes. It would be great if you'd send me your self affirmations and then I could add them to this list.

2 Ways to Make Affirmations More Powerful

  1. Affirmations are a powerful way change your life as Louise Hay, the Queen of Affirmations has found. However, she's recently found a way to enhance them and is using it to continue on her healing journey towards happiness. She's using tapping, or EFT as it's known. Want to know the secret of how she does it
  2. Another amazing thing I've discovered and want to share with you is Afformations! They are affirmations worded as a question. This works with the brain in a sneaky way. Check them out! you'll be glad you did. 

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