How To Be Happy...For No Reason!

Can we learn how to be happy? And what about "happy for no reason"? Is it even possible?

Yes it is - with the empowering practical tools, tips and suggestions here - the building blocks to happiness. It's all about health - of mind, emotion, attitude and yes, body. 

The Mental Wellness is needed before we can be truly happy.

So what is mental wellness? It’s a term used to treat mental health from a root cause perspective, rather than taking a pill.

The Mental Wellness Summit features experts in different fields that all contribute to our happiness.

Here is a taste of the wide ranging options we can use to become mentally well, however they are rarely thought of when we think in terms of creating happiness every day.

  • Eating a specialised diet
  • improved nutrition
  • integrative and/or functional medicine
  • naturopathy
  • somatic therapy
  • chiropractic care
  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • and meditation

Let’s go beyond just psychiatry and pills, and explore the best options for wellness in this evolving field.

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Each week get tips and tools on how to be happy. 

Fast track your way to happiness. 

Find out what is detox, detox benefits, natural ways to detox and what detoxing has to do with happiness. 

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List of powerful affirmations for anxiety, healing, love, self esteem, prosperity, success, and how to write your own. 

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Tips on overcoming, preventing and stress management strategies

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How to love yourself. Practical tools and tops to raise your self esteem.

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Happiness Quotes to think about and enjoy. 

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Self empowerment advice and tools

I know I didn't used to feel particularly happy, but I didn't class myself as unhappy either. Didn't even think about it much until I saw a photo of myself a few years ago.

I looked into my eyes and saw an unhappy person.

And that began my journey.

Along the way to finding happiness I discovered...

  • What causes happiness and the converse: unhappiness
  • How to identify feelings
  • How to control emotions

...which led me to figure out how to achieve happiness, and then how to be happy for no reason!

Do you want to be a happy man? A happy woman? If so, let me guide you along a similar journey to discover for yourself important keys to happiness, what makes people really happy and some different ways to be happy.

Is This You?

Happiness, in my opinion is a relative term. I believe there are different levels of happiness. What level are you on?

  • Do you find yourself feeling depressed more often than you'd like to admit?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself consumed by angry emotions?
  • Would you say you're often feeling "blah"?
  • Have you tried (or wish you had the guts to ask your doctor for) some kind of 'magic pill' mood enhancer?
  • Do you press the snooze button on your alarm clock more than once most mornings?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself feeling empty?
  • If I asked you whether you like yourself, could you wholeheartedly answer "yes"?

No matter what level of happiness you're on right now, if you're fed up of being fed up, then welcome to Towards Happiness, my friend. It's all for you. :-)

Come With Me...

I'm here to share with you the exact same information and methods that I used to change myself from frequently depressed to frequently joyful. You won't find mere theories or ideas here - this is stuff that works!

I'm certainly not 100% happy, 100% of the time, but here's something I consider to be a much more valuable goal:

I've learned and practiced to the point where I can quickly identify the causes of my negative emotions as they come up, and I know how to take the necessary steps towards happiness. In short, I know how to be happy and how to get happy.

I'd like to help you reach the same level of happiness in your life and I believe very strongly that you, too, can have happiness as the norm in your life. No more waiting for "reasons" to be happy.

How to be Happy

I'd like to take you on a journey. A journey of discovery. Discovering how to be happy and that you, too, can be happy for no reason, happy "just because". Won't you come with me to experience how wonderful you will feel when you are authentically happy?

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